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Coast and Archipelago

Lively coastal cities and towns, lighthouses, historical manors, stone churches and large national parks stretching over land and sea. Slow down and enjoy the region’s harsh beauty and bounties.

Credits:: Söderskär Lighthouse / Visit Porvoo

Coast and Archipelago

You seem like a person who might benefit from slowing down and enjoying some laid-back islander lifestyle. Taste the new summer potatoes, juicy apples, fresh dark bread, and fish straight from the sea. Move by boat or canoe, walk or cycle around the coastline and enjoy the maritime life to the fullest. Beaches, handicraft markets, small-town events, cafés and village shops are all waiting for you. On the islands by the sea, you can enjoy peace and quiet like no other and find a way to reconnect with yourself.

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Here are some tips for planning a holiday just for you. Discover all things to do in Coast and Archipelago here.
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