Maritime adventures in the historic Kotka-Hamina region

Credits: Jussi Hellstén

Starting Point: Hamina
1-3 days

Journey: Maritime adventures in the historic Kotka-Hamina region

Finland’s long and winding coast is full of charming maritime towns and villages. Less than two hours east of Helsinki, the old towns of Kotka and Hamina welcome visitors with nature-inspired attractions, cozy accommodations, and historical sights.
Town Hall Hamina

Hamina Old Town

Begin your journey in Hamina, approximately a two-hour drive from Helsinki. You can also take a bus. Hamina, the fortress city, is a great place for any history-lover to visit. It’s the oldest town in southeast Finland, and its town was designed with a unique circular plan.

Travel tip

From Hamina, drive 30 minutes west to the town of Kotka, where you’ll fall in love with the city’s many parks and visit the sea monsters at the Maritime Museum.

Highlights of Kotka-Hamina

Haven’t had your fill of Kotka-Hamina? From parks and trails to restaurants like Vausti, here are a few more places to explore. If you have time on your way back to Helsinki, be sure to stop by charming Old Loviisa and the Strömfors Ironworks, as well as the quaint city of Porvoo.

Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge