Epic midnight sun photos from Finland

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People in the Turku archipelago in a boat under the midnight sun.

Endless days and midnight magic

Summer in Finland is truly enchanting, especially with the magical presence of the midnight sun that shines around the clock. During these warmer months, the sun barely – or in some parts of the country, even never – sets, bathing landscapes in a golden glow and creating endless days and nightless nights. This vibrant season offers a welcome contrast to the long, dark winters, occasionally illuminated by the enchanting northern lights. With summer's arrival, Finns fully embrace the lively atmosphere of their country, spending most of their time outdoors in nature.

Our talented social media community has beautifully captured the spirit of the midnight sun in a series of stunning photos showcased in this article. Dive in and let yourself be enchanted by this mesmerising natural phenomenon.

A unique glow all around

While the midnight sun is visible all around Finland, some parts of the country offer an especially remarkable experience where the sun doesn’t set. In northern Lapland, just above the Arctic Circle, the sun shines continuously from May to August, creating incredibly long summer days. But even in the south, as far as Helsinki, the sun stays up most of the day during June and July, dipping below the horizon for only a few hours at night. Nature landscapes and cities across the country appear in a magical red-yellow light, creating an unforgettable cosy and warm atmosphere everywhere you go.

Photographer Ville Wallenius captured the stunning scenery of Oulu in Finland’s northern Coast and Archipelago region bathed in the glow of the midnight sun. The red-golden light creates a truly unique and dreamy atmosphere.
Credits: Ville Wallenius, @villeweephoto

Celebrations under the midnight sun

Marking the summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, it's time for one of the most anticipated Finnish holidays celebrated under the rays of the midnight sun. The beloved Midsummer celebrations (also known as Juhannus in Finnish) are typically spent with family or friends at a cottage, enjoying the beauty of nature and the magical midnight sun. Traditions reach from bonfires and sauna bathing to fishing or taking a dip in a lake – making the most of the longest days of the year.

Outdoor photographer Katriina Nyrhinen captured the magical pink and purple hues of the nightless night along Lake Saimaa, nestled in Finnish Lakeland. On her trip to a nearby island she even spotted the rare Saimaa ringed seal peaking out of the water.
Credits: Katriina Nyrhinen, @katruphotography

Cottage life during nightless nights

Midsummer also often marks the beginning of a long summer holiday for many Finns. Traditionally, the months of the midnight sun are spent at a typical Finnish cottage, or "mökki" in Finnish, often nestled amidst forests and one of Finland’s more than 180,000 lakes. Finland boasts over half a million cottages, each unique in shape and size, many without modern amenities or running water, embodying a lifestyle of slow living and simplicity. Rent one of the many cottages offered in Finland and experience the relaxation routine amidst breathtaking nature and the midnight sun for yourself.

Spending the midsummer months at a countryside cottage often rewards with stunning nature views, as captured by Julia during her early morning cabin views at 2:30 am. The sunrise and fog together create a mystical and tranquil atmosphere – the perfect spot to spend a summer holiday.
Credits: @zulailaas

Midnight sun festivities

One of the most unique ways of experiencing the midnight sun in Finland is joining a range of fun events organised around the country. Watch films around the clock for five days straight at the Midnight Sun Film Festival in Lapland’s Sodankylä or dance your heart out under the midnight sun at the Solstice Festival in Ruka, close to the Arctic Circle. Finland in the summertime is brimming with quirky events that are well worth experiencing, even all the way to the south of the country.

Photographer Kanerva from Lapland captured this stunning midnight sun shot at the Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankylä, Lapland. Enjoy films with other movie enthusiasts around the clock under the enchanting glow of the midnight sun.
Credits: @seikkailumuikku

National parks in a special glow

Up for an adventure? Explore the magic of Finland's 41 national parks under the rays of the midnight sun. Whether you're trekking through Lapland's northern parks or discovering those in the Coast and Archipelago, Lakeland, or near Helsinki, trails and fauna take on an enchanting glow during these sunlit nights that make your adventure feel extra special.

Embrace nature under the midnight sun, just as Jukka Risikko did during his summer night adventure through Koli National Park in the Lakeland region. Captured at 3 am, the reflection of pastel-coloured clouds in Lake Pielinen perfectly showcases the magical midnight sun atmosphere in the national park.
Credits: Jukka Risikko, @jukkarisikko

Summer activities around the clock

As nights turn into days during the midnight sun season, it's the perfect time to enjoy summer activities around the clock. Whether you're hiking through glowing nature destinations, exploring the country on water or by bike, or relaxing in a traditional sauna, Finland offers endless opportunities to find inner peace through your favourite adventures – even throughout the night.

Venture out during the summer and enjoy the nightless nights while engaging in your favourite activities. Photographer Sanna Vaara hiked up this fell in northern Finland to enjoy the beautiful sights and summer breeze under the midnight sun.
Credits: Sanna Vaara, @sanna.vaara

More sustainable midnight sun activities

Experience the magic of Finland's midnight sun with our curated selection of Sustainable Travel Finland-labelled activities across the country. Get inspired and turn night into day!

Midnight sun in Kuusamo Finland MunPolku

Walking in the midnight sun in Riisitunturi National Park

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