Five ways to enjoy autumn’s colours on the Finnish coast

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Two women foraging in Finnish coast

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As summer turns into autumn, the coast shows its true colours

Finland’s coast has its own rhythm at any time of year, but the autumn months are particularly special. Make the most of the region’s harvest markets, saunas and sea-faring traditions by partaking in these fall activities.

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Have a warming whisky at Kyrö Distillery

Kyrö Distillery is dedicated to producing world-class spirits made from local ingredients, and their booze doesn’t disappoint. As the story goes, this brand began in the sauna when a group of friends was sipping rye whisky and decided to try and make their own. These days, the company distills its own Finnish wholegrain rye whisky, as well as gin and liquor. Take a distillery tour or simply stop by the bar to enjoy its homey vibe and raise a glass to Finnish culture.

Take in autumn’s glory in Pargas

Pargas is known as the pearl of the Finnish coast, and this small archipelago town truly lives up to its name. Located between Helsinki and Stockholm, it’s home to a little over 15,000 residents and is the only town in Finland that’s surrounded by water on all sides. Local specialities and attractions include delicious island ginger biscuits, the largest open quarry in the Nordics, and Gamla Malmen, the town’s old section, but the best way to enjoy the area is to hop on a ferry and sail away from the mainland. Stay at Hotel Hyppeis, a quaint seaside boutique hotel, and take in Finland’s gorgeous natural surroundings as they show off their fall colours.

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Feast on autumn’s bounty at harvest markets

The coast and archipelago region of Finland boasts an incredible array of local goodies. Vegetables such as leeks, cabbages and carrots are widely available throughout the autumn season, along with plenty of local fish including pike, perch and trout. One way to enjoy these delights is to hit a local harvest market. Visit Haymarket, a Vaasa-based Halloween market fit for the whole family, for premium local producers offering meat, vegetables and exquisite bread and baked goods along with traditional handicrafts. You can also feed and pet adorable goats and lambs. Another farmer’s market to try is in Tammisaari. Held in September, this market attracts close to 30,000 visitors annually and features some 270 sellers. It also has two funfairs onsite. Finally, don’t miss the Lohja Apple Carnival. This seasonal event takes place in the idyllic inner yard of the Lohja Museum and offers something for everyone. Stop by to peruse plenty of harvest-inspired stalls offering tasty baked goods, local handicrafts and of course, the stars of Finnish autumn, fresh apples.

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Go fishing off the spectacular west coast

Finland’s coast offers world-class fishing due to its brackish water. The most important game species for sport fishing are pike and perch. Anglers can head for the Rauma Archipelago, the Oura Archipelago in Merikarvia, the Ahlainen Archipelago north of Pori and the archipelago between Pietarsaari and Kokkola. Be aware that Finland has a fishing management fee. This is a federal tax-recurring fee, and it’s mandatory for anyone fishing between the ages 18 and 64. Angling with a hook and line and ice fishing can be done under public right, though, and do not require a license. Paying the management fee entitles you to practice lure fishing using one rod, reel and lure across all of Finland. Feeling confused? Hire a guide – many offer fishing excursions and will handle the logistics for you.

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