Handy guide to new Finnish museums in 2023

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Credits: Sara Terho

A look at recently opened museums in Finland

When it comes to museums, one could say Finns are spoiled for choice. In fact, Finland is home to more than 1000 museums dotted across the country but why stop there? Fun new museums are regularly popping up in the buzzing Finnish cultural scene. 

If you’re looking for interesting things to do, here’s a quick guide to the most exciting new museums to open in the country of late from modern art to a play museum for kids. When the weather gets colder, it never hurts to have indoor activities, like museums, to choose from.

Article updated on October 16, 2023.

1. Art House Chappe, Tammisaari

“An artful adventure in the scapes of mind and land” is the promise of the new Chappe museum where the exquisite timber building and its seaside location are as much a part of the artwork as its collection. 

Dubbed an “art house by the sea”, Chappe sits in the heart of historic town Tammisaari on the Finnish Coast and Archipelago, about an hour’s drive from Helsinki.  A blend of modern art and architecture, it has drawn on talented architects and artisans alike to create an experience where building and artwork blend into one. 

The museum is home to a diverse collection of Nordic art, much of it from its famous benefactor Professor Albert de la Chapelle who is also the inspiration behind the museum’s name. The museum's dedication to local craftsmanship and hosting community events make it a unique and valuable cultural hub for the region.

Explore the opening hours at 
chappe.fi. The museum is accessible but please note that the facility has an uneven courtyard made of stone.

Credits : Sara Terho
Credits: Sara Terho

2. Museum of Visual Arts Malva, Lahti

Malva is a brand new museum dedicated to all things visual – art, design, posters and culture. The regular rotation of contemporary visual art will keep visitors coming back for more which is easy if you’re in Helsinki, since it’s located less than an hour away by train in the nearby city of Lahti. 

Amidst the changing roster of exciting exhibitions, one special artwork from Finland’s Ekho Collective will be on permanent display to enchant visitors for years to come. 

The collective’s mesmerising work Ahto – a multi-sensory experience that shifts according to the number of people flowing past, evoking water – will be permanently housed in the museum’s Light Gallery.

Find out more about Malva and it's opening hours at malvamuseo.fi.

Credits: Malva Museum

3. Aalto2, Jyväskylä

Aalto2 is a must-visit location for lovers of Finnish design as this unique new museum centre brings together a variety of art forms in one architectural feat. In doing so, it fulfils the ultimate wish of Alvar Aalto, the world-renowned Finnish modernist architect and designer after whom Aalto2 is named. 

Located in Jyväskylä, in the heart of central Finland, Aalto2 combines two buildings designed by Alvar Aalto: the Museum of Central Finland and the Alvar Aalto Museum.

The result is a minimalist-inspired architectural and design marvel that also celebrates cultural heritage, art and history. With a multi-faceted program touching on different aspects of human creativity, there’s something at Aalto2 for everyone.

Opening hours vary seasonally, see details at aalto2.museum. Aalto2 is accessible.

Credits : Alvar Aalto Foundation, Maija Holma
Credits: Elina Brotherus, Alvar Aalto Foundation

4. Museum of Play Leikki, Espoo

Not only is Museum of Play Leikki one of Finland’s newest museums, it’s also one of the most playful! That’s because it’s entirely dedicated to play, toys and childhood – and it’s not just for kids. Adults can tap into childhood nostalgia with the museum's temporary exhibitions, often centred around pop culture, and permanent “Laboratory of Play”, which showcase toys and play across past eras. It’s a fascinating glimpse into what childhood looked like in different times. 

Located in Espoo, a city next to Helsinki, this compact and well-curated museum will inspire adults and kids alike to add more joy and play into their lives. The museum is easily accessible by metro (Tapiola station).

More information about Leikki can be found at museoleikki.fi.

Credits : Museum Leikki, Ella Karttunen

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