Sleep under the Northern Lights

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Credits: Antti Pietikäinen

See the Aurora Borealis from bed

In Finland, you can view nature’s most spectacular light show, the Aurora Borealis, from purpose-built spaces like glass huts and luxury suites.

Did you know that the Northern Lights are visible roughly 200 nights a year in Finnish Lapland? While many choose to go Aurora-spotting by snowshoe, ski, snowmobile or dog sled, you can also view the Northern Lights from the comfort of the indoors. Here are a few places to stay cosy and sleep well without missing out on the show.

Note: In Finland, nights are typically dark enough to see the Northern Lights from late August to April – all you need are clear skies and a bit of luck. Head north for the best chance of catching them. 

Arctic Treehouse Hotel, Rovaniemi

Located on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, these 37 tree houses have warm, wooden interiors that showcase Scandinavian design and Lappish heritage. Take in spectacular views of the northern skies from the nest-like atmosphere of these comfortable, thoughtfully designed suites.

Credits: Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Kemi Seaside Glass Villas, near the Bay of Bothnia

Next to the Snow Castle and just a couple of minutes away from Kemi’s city centre, you’ll find the Kemi Seaside Glass Villas. Currently, there are just 20 villas with small kitchens and bathrooms. Settle in, snuggle up and enjoy nature’s light show from early autumn until late spring.

Aurora Bubbles, Wilderness Hotel Nellim

The village of Nellim by Lake Inari sits within some of Lapland’s most beautiful scenery. Stay the night in an Aurora Bubble at the Wilderness Hotel Nellim, complete with a double bed and eco-toilet, for a unique view of the Northern Lights. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try their Aurora Camp and Northern Lights search by snowmobile.

Credits: Nellim Wilderness Hotel

Aurora Dome, Harriniva

This round hut-like tent with Lappish-themed decor and a transparent wall is the perfect place to enjoy magical winter scenery and Lake Torassieppi lit up by the Northern Lights. It’s completely insulated and features a fireplace with a warm, open fire, so guests stay cosy all night long. Plus, the Dome’s transparent walls face north to ensure the best possible views of the starlit sky and Northern Lights.

Credits: Jason Charles Hill

Glass huts on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi and near Pyhä-Luosto National Park, Luosto

These unique glass huts by Santa’s Hotels opened back in December 2016, and they’ve been a big hit with guests ever since.  Experience Lapland’s ever-changing nature – including the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun – from the comfort of your glass-roofed hotel room.

Credits: Santa's Hotels

Levi Igloos

These 12 luxurious huts with glass ceilings are situated on Utsuvaara fell, 10 kilometres from Finland’s most popular ski resort, Levi in Kittilä, and offer front row seats to Earth’s most spectacular light show. In addition to glass huts, Levi Igloos has a Northern Lights House, a villa for 4-8 people with two bedrooms, a fireplace, a sauna, and a panoramic terrace with a hot tub.

Credits: Levi Igloos

Northern Lights Ranch, Levi

Northern Lights Ranch offers unique accommodations called Sky View Cabins, which feature huge glass windows and glass roofs that are ideal for viewing the night sky. The Ranch also offers cosy rooms in its large chalet.

Credits: Northern Lights Ranch

Pyhä Igloos, Pyhä

The huts at Pyhä are located on the peaceful, pristine Pyhätunturi in Finnish Lapland and offer a unique experience nestled in nature. Whether you seek the dance of the Northern Lights, the glow of the endless Midnight Sun, or the spectacular foliage of autumn, every season is fabulous here.

Holiday Village Pyhän Asteli’s Aurora Huts & Aurora Suites

Aurora Igloo Huts are specially made for observing the Northern Lights and the night sky. Aurora Suites, on the other hand, are private ensuite rooms where guests can relish the Northern Lights from large skylight windows pointing to north. Whichever style you choose, you’ll enjoy the same gorgeous view. Learn more at the Pyhän Asteli resort site.

Credits: Pyhän Asteli

Lucky Ranch Snow Igloos, Pyhätunturi

Lucky Ranch snow huts are actually made of snow, so they’re always negative-something degrees inside. Don’t let that deter you, though: the location is perfect for star-gazing and Aurora-viewing. At nightfall, simply layer up, crawl into your warm sleeping bag and enjoy the stillness of an Arctic night.

Credits: Aleksi Mehtonen

Arctic Land Adventure Glass Igloo, Enontekiö

These unique glass huts are located beside a reindeer ranch on the shores of Lake Peerajärvi. Stay in one for an unforgettable combination of wildlife and luxury – hopefully, complete with a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Plus, get an inside look at a reindeer herder’s life and the lifestyle of Europe’s only remaining indigenous people, the Sámi.

Arctic Fox Igloos, Ranua

Credits: Arctic Fox Igloo

Set on the peaceful shores of Lake Ranuanjärvi, these glass huts each have their own private sauna and kitchen. The surrounding wilderness areas offer guests a chance for adventures all year, and you can even arrive by snowmobile!

Aurora Village, Ivalo

Aurora Village’s huts with glass ceilings offer wonderful views of the night sky. Guests can also partake in a panorama sauna, take a dip in the jacuzzi, and enjoy a delicious meal from Restaurant Loimu.

Credits: Aurora Village Ivalo

Magical Pond, Ruka

Magical Pond offers modern, Scandinavian-style huts built for observing nature and taking in the area’s grand pines, which are beautifully frosted with snow during winter. The resort also has a private sauna and provides delicious snack plates full of local bites that are absolute must-tries. Rent a hut at this perfect hideaway located just 8 kilometres from action-packed Ruka Ski Resort.

Credits: Eeva Takkunen

Arctic Giant, Arctic Lakeland Igloos, and Ukkohalla Sky Cabins in northern Lakeland

In addition to Lapland, northern Lakeland is also a great place to spot (and sleep!) under the Northern Lights. The Kainuu region north of the city of Kajaani offer many interesting places to visit.

Arctic Giant Hotel, located in Paltamo just one hour north of the Kajaani airport, offers magical hilltop views over a vast lake area. You can stay in the BirdHouse Hotel, Panoramic House, or Arctic House - all with superb views of the surrounding nature.

If you're looking to go skiing in this region, look no further than Ukkohalla. In addition to a ski resort, Ukkohalla is also the home of Ukkohalla Sky Cabin Glass Suites. These L-shaped modern wooden cabins offer both breath-taking views and privacy in the Arctic nature.

Vuokatti, located east of Kajaani, is a great destination for all sport-lovers and active-holiday-seekers. The region has year-round activities for all ages. In Vuokatti, you can also find the Arctic Lakeland Igloos. These premium all-glass cabins located on the shore of Lake Sapso (Sapsojärvi) get their inspiration from Finnish nature.

Wintry view from a Sky Cabin Glass Suite in Ukkohalla.
Credits : Ukkohalla Resort
The unique BirdHouse Hotel rooms are located on a hill with unobstructed views.
Credits: Arctic Giant Paltamo

More places to stay in Lapland

Here's a selection of even more glass-covered cabins in Lapland to choose from.

Glass igloos with 360 degree glass roof.

Overnight in a glass igloo at Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos

More accommodation in northern Lakeland and the coastal region

Looking for unique, glass-topped accommodation in northern Lakeland and the coastal region? Look no further, here's more inspiration for your next holiday!

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