Five must-experience saunas in Lapland

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These are the five saunas not to miss in Lapland

Whether traditional smoke or ice and snow, these saunas offer unforgettable Finnish experiences. Feeling adventurous? Take a dip in a near-frozen lake or crystal-clear stream – maybe even under the Northern Lights.

Credits: Harri Tarvainen

Ice Sauna, Apukka Resort, Rovaniemi

Apukka Resort’s saunas are a physical manifestation of Finnish sauna mentality: no matter where you are, there should always be a sauna nearby. (And if there isn’t, a Finn will probably build one from whatever’s at hand!) In addition to wood-heated and electric saunas, the resort has an ice-built sauna that resembles a little timber house. Don’t miss the sauna carriage on skis – a unique creation that can be left on the doorstep of guests’ glass huts or suites. Book a sauna experience from December through the end of March.

Credits: Apukka Resort

Kiilopää, Saariselkä

Surrounded by the mesmerizing Lappish landscape, Kiilopää Sauna World lies next to a crystal-clear stream, which is perfect for a cooling dip after the heat of this authentic smoke sauna. During the summer season, the place bathes in the midnight sun, and winter might provide a glimpse of the Northern Lights. It’s no wonder this newly-renovated smoke sauna, also known as Kuurakaltio, attracts visitors from all over the world.

Arctic Sauna World, Muonio

Arctic Sauna World is located between the fells on the shore of Lake Jerisjärvi, next to the Pallas-Ylläs National Park. It consists of four saunas, each representing one of the four elements: earth, water, air, and fire. Want to test out a smoke sauna? Or enjoy panoramic lake views while bathing? How about braving a quick dip in a frozen lake? At Arctic Sauna World, you don’t have to choose just one.

Credits: Antti Pietikäinen

Snow Sauna, Arctic SnowHotel, Rovaniemi

Credits: Arctic Snow Hotel / Visit Rovaniemi

Prepare to be awed: This sauna is made entirely of snow and ice, offering a unique bathing experience that contrasts thick, hot steam with icy snow walls. If this combination doesn’t appeal, the Arctic Snow Hotel also has more traditional log-built sauna buildings, complete with hot tubs. All sauna bookings include a chance to try cold water dipping. Snow sauna is available from mid December until end of March.

Seven Star Smoke Sauna, Isokenkäisten Klubi, Rovaniemi

Seven Star Smoke Sauna allows guests to revel in the cosy darkness and gentle warmth of a smoke sauna while surrounded by the sweet scent of charred birch logs. The sauna master takes care of heating the sauna and preparing traditional, fragrant birch whisks. Bathing finishes with a peat moss treatment and a dip in the lake – from the pier in summer, and through a hole in the ice in winter.

Check out these fantastic sauna experiences in Lakeland, on the Coast and Archipelago, and in Helsinki Region.

Credits: Harri Tarvainen

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