Luxurious spa experiences in Finland

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St. George pool.

Credits: Hotel St George Helsinki

From unique saunas to eco-friendly treatments

You’re most likely familiar with the concept of a Finnish sauna, but did you know Finland is also home to incredible luxury spa offerings? In fact, you’ll find some of the best luxury spa hotels in Europe right here in Finland. What makes Finnish spas special, is that most are set close to nature with eco-friendly treatments and products.

If you’re looking for a truly elevated relaxation experience, we’ve curated this helpful list of Finnish exclusive spa experiences up and down the country. Most of the spas are connected to hotels, which allows you to make the most of your pampering session by staying the night and elevating the whole experience.

Credits: PihlasResort

1. Hotel St. George, Helsinki

Hotel St. George is a luxury chic hotel with an accompanying spa in the centre of Helsinki that reimagines the offering of a premium hotel as a holistic approach to wellbeing. Housed in a gorgeous 1840s building, St George’s spa concept is all about stylish and tranquil aesthetics, from the elegant pool design to the harmonious relaxation space. Here you can recharge with a calming swim, bask in the saunas, and indulge in a private treatment.

Access to the spa is complimentary with your hotel stay or when booking a treatment at St. George Care -spa.

Credits : Hotel St George Helsinki
Credits: Hotel St George Helsinki

2. Kämp Spa, Helsinki

Nestled in the heart of Helsinki alongside Esplanadi Park, Kämp Spa is an integral part of the luxurious Kämp Hotel. Distinguished as the only spa specialising in the lavish ESPA product range, crafted from natural sources, the exclusive Kämp Spa offers a selection of hand-picked treatments that encapsulate the essence of the city and its local surroundings, offering an authentic Helsinki experience. Following a rejuvenating session, guests can prolong their state of zen in the Spa Lounge, where they can sip beverages while reclining on heated divans. And because this is Finland, all treatments include access to a traditional Finnish sauna and an invigorating eucalyptus steam bath.

Credits: Hotel Kämp Spa

3. The Hotel Maria, Helsinki

Opening in December 2023, The Hotel Maria already promises to be “Helsinki’s most luxurious hotel.” The hotel’s exclusive spa offers traditional Nordic wellness experiences like sauna and steam rooms, delivered in five-star fashion. It also includes a series of jacuzzi and plunge pools for absolute reinvigoration. The post-spa experience is equally indulgent, as you can sustain your state of bliss in a glass-roofed Atrium by the fireplace.

Credits: The Hotel Maria, The Maria Spa

4. Hilltop Forest Spa, Inkoo

Luxury spa meets nature in this modern forest spa with woodland views in Inkoo. It’s part of Hilltop Forest which is a luxury eco-resort just 60 km away from Helsinki. Here guests can add a private spa experience to their revitalising forest retreat. All the details are taken care of, the sauna is lit, bathrobes hung, towels fluffed with pre-ordered drinks waiting. Unwind in the wood-burning sauna, outdoor hot tub, and large sun terrace, all with forest views to calm the mind.

Credits: HillTop Forest, Joonas Linkola

5. Haikko Spa, Porvoo

Venture beyond Helsinki to the outskirts of the medieval town of Porvoo, where you’ll find the exclusive Haikko Spa among the city’s quaint surrounds. Treat yourself to a water cure with the spa’s collection of pools, hot tubs, and saunas, all framed by beautiful windows overlooking the grounds of the estate. For a more intense treatment, you can also try cryotherapy in the -120°C cryocabin. Super cold therapy like this one is a centuries-old technique for pain relief and is known to assist with sleep, stress, and skin problems. 

Credits: Haikko Manor & Spa

6. Kuru Resort Sisley Day Spa, Rantasalmi

Kuru Resort Day Spa offers world-renowned phyto-aromatic treatments from French luxury brand Sisley Paris at this private resort spa by Lake Saimaa in Finland. Slip into a sensory experience with massage rituals drawn from all over the world, combined with the healing power of aromatherapy. All is topped off with a steam sauna and outdoor jacuzzi, followed by your complimentary beverage. Kuru Resort also has a private spa and sauna in each room. Fun fact, the Masterclass of Happiness took place at Kuru Resort in the summer of 2023.

Credits : Kuru Resort, Julia Kivelä
Credits: Kuru Resort, Julia Kivelä

7. Pihlas Resort Day Spa, Joroinen

Therapeutic massage and healing facials are on the menu at the serene Pihlas Resort Day Spa in the Finnish Lakeland region of Saimaa. The spa’s holistic treatments draw on the therapeutic powers of Nordic nature and use 100% natural skincare products. From a pampering therapy enriched with Nordic berries to a hand treatment from Arctic ingredients, each wellness experience is inspired by local landscapes. The Pihlas Day Spa is in connection to the high-end eco-luxury hotel, where you can also enjoy an extended getaway in the beautiful lake landscape.

Credits: PihlasResort

8. Kakola Spa, Turku

Indulge in a lavish spa experience inspired by Nordic elements in Turku, the oldest city in Finland. At Kakola Spa, you can unwind amid four pools, five saunas and choose from a variety of soothing treatments. Highlights include a halotherapy salt pool for respiratory healing and a conifer sauna that releases the scent of fir. For the bold, a revitalizing snow shower recreating an experience of a snowstorm provides the health benefits of cold therapy.

Originally, the Kakola complex was Finland's largest and most dangerous prison, but it relocated in 2007. Presently, after a comprehensive renovation, Kakola has transformed into a modern facility featuring a spa and a hotel where you can extend your visit by spending the night after enjoying the spa amenities.

Credits : Kakola Spa Turku
Credits: Kakola Spa Turku

9. Naantali Spa, Naantali

Naantali Spa is located in the waterfront town of Naantali amidst the beauty of the Turku archipelago. This spa offers a traditional Finnish sauna, picturesque pools, and unique bathing experiences, including Cleopatra’s famous milk and honey bath and a reviving rose bath. You can also soak in a Roman bath under an ornate turquoise cupola and enjoy the archipelago scenery all year round from the heated outdoor pool.

Conveniently located just a two-hour drive from Helsinki and a mere 20-minute drive from Turku, Naantali Spa allows you to seamlessly blend spa indulgence with exploration. For those seeking a more extended experience, the spa hotel provides an option to stay overnight, allowing you to fully appreciate the charm of the city and old town of Naantali while enjoying your spa visit. Notably, Naantali Spa is also child-friendly.

Credits: Naantali Spa

10. Koli Relax Spa, Lieksa

Koli Relax Spa is a hotel atop a hill, providing incredible views over Lake Pielinen in eastern Finland. Whether basking in the endless white nights of summer or under a star-studded sky, guests can enjoy the sauna, hot tub, and outdoor pool, all offering stunning sceneries of the lake. The spa also offers aromatic showers that immerse visitors in a sensory experience of light and sound, along with the Kolin Kuohu cold shower for a refreshing health boost.


Credits: Koli Relax Spa

11. Arctic Sauna World, Muonio

For an icy luxury spa experience, you can head north to Lapland and relax by the stunning Lake Jerisjӓrvi. Here, the Arctic Sauna World offers different saunas, each named after Nordic gods, to warm you up after a day exploring the majestic Arctic nature. You can also experience the health benefits of winter bathing, alternating between steamy saunas and the icy lake waters outside. During the aurora season, you can enjoy a special sauna with large windows so you don’t miss out on the Northern Lights.

Credits : Mariia Kauppi
Credits: Harriniva Hotels & Safaris, Arctic Sauna World

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