Stay with the locals: family-run accommodation and B&Bs on the Finnish coast

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Credits: Sara Terho

These places to stay are devoted to passing on the joys of coastal life

Living in the coast and archipelago region is a special way of life: People are uniquely bound to their environment and make a living from it. If you want a glimpse of this, stay in small, family-owned B&B and hotels. During a stay at one of these charming spots, you can meet the hospitable families running the places, the chefs who cooked your dinner, and taste the produces surrounding your B&B. The appeal of the archipelago has made entire families change the course of their lives.

These are some of the best B&Bs along the Finnish coast stay at:

Credits : Hotel Hyppeis and Ubuntu Productions Korpo
Credits: Kari Ylitalo

Köpmans Café & Restaurant, Nauvo: Breakfast fresh from the oven

A restaurant and a B&B, Köpmans is located in an old village shop – a newly renovated, yellow wooden house close to the harbour on Nauvo island. What started as a summertime hobby turned into a total life change for the family that runs the place. At Köpmans, you can enjoy freshly baked goods and dishes cooked from scratch using the archipelago’s best ingredients – some straight from the restaurant’s own garden. The homely rooms have private bathrooms and breakfast is included in the price.

Credits: Kari Ylitalo

Hotel Nestor, Korppoo: Fine dining in an old barn

Hotel Nestor is named after Nestor Johansén, a farmer and the great grandfather of William Hellgren, a Stockholm-born chef who’s now running the place. The farm and architecture dates back to the early 1700s, though the current buildings were built around 200 years ago. What used to be the home for the farm animals has now been transformed into a charming island retreat for guests to use. The restaurant, Back Pocket, is the heart of the hotel; every morning the kitchen team ritualistically prepare the sourdough for the evening dinner – a series of ever-changing dishes inspired by and made using seasonally Nordic ingredients.

Credits: Hotel Hyppeis / Ubuntu Productions Korpo

Hotel Hyppeis, Houtskär: Wake up to silence

Opening the Hotel Hyppeis in Houtskär gave owners Outi and Sam a much sought-after opportunity to move to the archipelago. And thank goodness they did, as their guests can now enjoy a stay in a former village school, built in 1904 and transformed into an elegant hotel. In this charming Finnish hotel restaurant, Outi and Sam indulge tourists and residents alike with delicious food made with locally sourced ingredients. You can reach Houtskär by ferries throughout the year, making it an ideal spot to stay at any season – from the bustling summer to the calm and cosy winter.

Credits: Hotel Hyppeis / Ubuntu Productions Korpo

Tackork, Nauvo: Hand-picked treats

In Tackork, you have the pick of various accommodation options. Whether it’s a suite, a hunting cabin or a glass-roofed modern cottage, each location has a unique atmosphere – and every pillow, blanket and decoration has been carefully selected to match it. The same applies to the restaurant, which specializes in game meat and offering an archipelago-style brunch with fresh berries from next door (the property used to be a well-known berry and vegetable farm). The popular cottages are located at the edge of the farm, where the sky above is undisturbed by light pollution and you can star-gaze under the glass roof from your bed.

Credits: Kari Ylitalo

Hotel Svala, Kumlinge, Åland: An artistic retreat

Hotel Svala is a project of a mother-daughter duo with a commitment to “all things beautiful, sustainable and local”. The former town hospital has been transformed into a hotel where rural beauty meets sophisticated modern aesthetics, all with an artistic twist. The hotel is set to serve all senses with its cultural excursions, holistic gardens and unforgettable food. Kumlinge island can be accessed from Mariehamn, on mainland Åland, by car and ferry – the picturesque journey is an exploration itself. The hotel also has a villa on the mainland if you want to spend a day along the way.

Credits : Sage Reed
Credits: Sage Reed

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