Charming restaurants and cafés in the Åland islands

Credits: Rebecka Eriksson, Visit Åland

What makes Åland a unique destination for foodies?

Åland, located in between Finland and Sweden, is one of the most popular summer destinations in Finland. Sunny, archipelago weather combined with eateries serving local food prepared with the freshest ingredients make Åland a great foodie destination – not to mention the awarded craft beer makers and distillers adding their flavour to the islands’ culinary scene.

Here’s a look at some of the most charming restaurants and cafés in the Åland Islands.

Åland pancake (in Swedish: Ålandspannkaka) is a must-try dessert. Its unique flavour comes from cardamom and it is typically topped with whipped cream and jam.


Stallhagen is perhaps the most famous craft beer maker in Åland. Not only does the company produce award-winning beer, but they also serve delicious locally sourced food in their rustic gastropub and brewery located 20 kilometres north of Marienhamn. The microbrewery offers craft beer ranging from light lager to dark options as well as non-alcoholic versions. Make sure to try Stallhagen’s famous honey beer and enjoy it with a good meal.

Bonus tip: Pay a visit to Stallhalla, the floating theatre located next to the brewery. Stallhalla hosts a variety of cultural events such as festivals, theatre performances, and concerts.

Stallhagen was established in 2004 by a group of beer enthusiasts. It is the oldest and biggest brewery in the Åland islands.
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The menu at Stallhagen’s gastropub changes regularly – the catch and harvest of the day determine what’s on the plate.
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Smakbyn is a culinary icon in the Åland islands that has continued to thrive for more than a decade. Smakbyn is a restaurant and distillery that encapsulates Nordic flavours in artisanal dishes and flavourful drinks – locally picked and produced. The owner of the restaurant, Michael “Micke” Björklund is one of the best-known chefs in Scandinavia. Wine and dine, take part in a cooking class, enjoy a tasting, or go on a guided tour of the distillery and brandy cellar in their traditional Åland-style house located 25 kilometres north of Marienhamn.

Bonus tip: When in Smakbyn, visit the nearby medieval Kastelholm Castle, one of Åland’s most popular sights.

Smakbyn serves lunch and dinner, as well as coffee and tasty snacks.
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The restaurant is located near the Kastelholm Castle in an idyllic countryside setting.
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Café Viktor

If you’re up for a tasty cup of coffee and a homemade pastry in Mariehamn, head to Café Viktor. This lovely café located in a traditional, 19th century building is full of charm. Put your phone away, curl up in your favourite spot, and enjoy a coffee break or lunch in this antique wooden milieu.

Bonus tip: Be sure not to miss the gallery upstairs, where you can admire artwork, crafts, and photography created by local creatives.

In the summertime, Café Viktor’s terrace is popular with visitors and locals alike.
Credits: Rebecka Eriksson, Visit Åland

Grannas Bistro

Once upon a time Grannas Bistro was a place where pickles were made and sold to mainland Finland. Today, it is a restaurant where you can enjoy lunch or dinner, and sip on fresh apple juice while gazing over Grannas’ famous apple gardens. The dining menu consists of local delights, such as fresh fish, vegetables, and – of course – apple pie. Grannas Bistro is located 40 kilometres north of Marienhamn.

Bonus tip: Don’t miss out on the spectacular view of the apple trees blooming at their finest during the end of May and beginning of June.

Credits : Mikko Suosukainen & Visit Åland
Credits: Mikko Suosukainen

Mormors Gröna Hus

Get a glimpse of Åland’s history as well as a taste of the local food culture at Mormors Gröna Hus (“Grandmother’s Green House” in English). This restaurant, 17 kilometres southeast of Marienhamn, is located in a farmhouse from the 19th century. The farmhouse has been carefully converted into a cosy restaurant. Enjoy a hearty meal of potatoes, vegetables, fish, and local cheese, and top it off with a delicious dessert, like the traditional rhubarb cake.

Bonus tip: Looking for a calm dinner setting? Mormors Gröna Hus’ outdoor patio is one of the most peaceful places to wine and dine in all of Åland.

More about the Åland islands

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