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Follow Vesku, the reindeer, as he guides you through Lapland's summer wilderness.

Hi deers, you found me. Get ready to immerse yourself in the sunny side of Lapland with me, Vesku. I'm about to spill the secrets of my summer ventures, and who knows, you might just find yourself inspired to plan your own adventure. Get to know more on my instagram @veskuthereindeer!

In the summertime, I find myself syncing with the rhythm of the Arctic nature.

It's more than just existing; it's about living in harmony and uncovering the secrets of one of the last true wildernesses. The wilderness speaks, and I've learned to trust its whispers. Bathed in the never-ending summer light, I like to wander through Lapland's enchanting wilderness.

Credits: Kota Collective

The midnight sun in Lapland serves as a source of energy, instilling trust to unravel the secrets hidden within the landscape.

Often, I find myself just pausing in the moment and taking a deep breath of the pure, clean air. It's an invitation to the great outdoors, a breath that connects you to the untouched wilderness surrounding you. For the spirited wanderer ready to embrace Lapland's summer, the wilderness offers plenty of experiences. My days are filled with swimming adventures, capturing the magic of Lapland's radiant nature mirrored on the tranquil lakes, watching the humans hike, bike, canoe, and experience all kinds of activities we have on offer here in my region. Trusting the wilderness means embracing the thrill of exploring – from discovering hidden waterfalls to watching wildlife and hiking through the forests.


Credits : Kota Collective
Credits: Lapland North Destinations
Credits: Ruka-Kuusamo

Despite Lapland being blessed with its wilderness, it is not only that.

There is a lot to experience also in terms of culture, events, food, and accommodation. You can go gold panning, river rafting, practice yoga with us reindeer with accompanying sauna, or attend summer festivals like Solstice. Thanks to our midnight sun, you’ll have plenty of daylight hours to enjoy all that Lapland and its destinations have to offer. 

As an influencer, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with a handful of destinations in Lapland. I recommend you head over to their pages, where the locals can tell you about all the great human activities and accommodations they have to offer. More information can be found at Levi, Ruka-Kuusamo, Rovaniemi, Lapland NorthYlläs, PyhäLuosto and Kemi. I will also be sharing more about these destinations on my Instagram, @veskuthereindeer.

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Credits: Ruka-Kuusamo

Kota Collective

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