Лучшие развлечения для каждого времени года

Credits:: Julia Kivelä

Лучшие развлечения для каждого времени года

В Финляндии четыре ярко выраженных времени года: исполненное света лето, яркая цветная осень, белоснежная морозная зима и усыпанная цветами весна. Каждое время года предлагает новые, совершенно особенные виды времяпровождения и тем, кто ищет тишины и спокойствия, и тем, кому нужны приключения и острые ощущения.

Things to do and experience in the summer

Summer in Finland is a time spent outside the house enjoying this short but sweet season of white nights, and all worries are postponed.

Winter experiences in Finland

Finnish winters are crisp, glittery and full of snow. It is the time for warm woolen jumpers, cozy log fires and the many wintery activities. Here are top things to do in the different regions.

Autumn and spring – and things that are always in season

Spring and autumn are the best seasons to see the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland. Late summer and autumn are ideal for foraging and enjoying colourful autumn foliage. The spring months (until early May) offer the best skiing in Lapland – in the south, the snow will be gone by then. There is something to do in the cities year-round – and the sauna is always on. Did you know you can meet Santa on every day of the year?

А вы знали, что встретиться с Сантой в Рованиеми можно в любой день года?

Events and hidden gems

Psst... don't tell anyone, but here some hidden gems of the different regions. And some great local events, too.