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О побережье и архипелаге

Оживленные прибрежные города, уединенные маяки, старинные поместья и национальные парки — всё это есть на финском побережье. Финский архипелаг — крупнейший в мире — насчитывает более 50 000 прекрасных островов, рассеянных в море и скрывающих настоящие чудеса.

7 reasons to visit Coast and Archipelago

There are plenty of things to love in Finland's coastal region from the laidback way of living, charming wooden towns, fresh, local food, beaches, and much more. Here's a look at some of the reasons to choose Coast and Archipelago as your next holiday destination.

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Visit a lighthouse island

One of the most unique features of this region are the lighthouse islands. Take a trip to Bengtskär near Turku where you’ll find the tallest lighthouse in the Nordics. Söderskär is a 150-year-old lighthouse located only one-hour boat trip from Helsinki. These lighthouses and many others are a must-see in the Coast and Archipelago.

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Explore five UNESCO sites

The coastal region is home to five of Finland’s seven UNESCO World Heritage sites. Visit them all from the famous Fortress of Suomenlinna to Old Rauma, the Bronze Age Burial Site of Sammallahdenmäki, the Struve Geodetic Arc, and the Kvarken Archipelago in the Gulf of Bothnia.

Take a trip to a historical village

Finland’s coast – with its close historical ties to the Swedish kingdom – has many charming, old towns and villages to visit. Some of the most popular ones include historical Porvoo near Helsinki, the ironwork villages of Fiskars, Billnäs, and Mathildedal, as well as the wooden towns from Hamina to Naantali, Old Rauma, and Pori.

Visit Finland's best beaches

The coastal region is home to the longest and sunniest beaches in Finland, loved by Finns and visitors alike. Take a trip to Kalajoki, Yyteri, Hanko, or Nallikari to experience the best of the short but oh-so-sweet Finnish summer. The best months for beach visits are July and August.

Go cycling on famous routes

If you’re an activity lover, head to Coast and Archipelago. Some of Finland’s best cycling routes, like the Archipelago Trail – 250km ring route through the Turku Archipelago – and Åland’s famous cycling roads, are all located here.

Try Finland’s freshest delicacies

Due to the mild weather and sunny summer days, the coastal region produces some of Finland’s best produce from sweet tomatoes to the ripest organic apples. You’ll also find great seafood, some of the country’s best restaurants, like Kaskis in Turku, and top distilleries and craft beer makers in this region.

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Experience Finland's bilingual culture

Finland used to be a part of Sweden until 1809 and Swedish has remained the second official language of Finland to this day. In the coastal regions, especially in the Åland islands, you’ll get to experience the country’s bilingual culture from the language to the traditions.

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Coast and Archipelago destinations

Would you like to know more about the destinations in Coast and Archipelago? Click on the pins in the map to discover the best places to visit.


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